Evander water crisis continues 

Issued by Ansie van Marle – DA Councilor Govan Mbeki Local Municipality
11 Jun 2024 in Press Releases

The DA in Govan Mbeki has called upon the municipal manager, Elliot Maseko to urgently attend to the municipality’s dysfunctional water supply system. 

Previously, the municipality assured the public that a pump at the water reservoir was fixed and that water services would be restored. 

However, residents in Evander are still without water. This indicates that there are still unresolved issues within the water supply system.

The prolonged water outage has raised serious concerns on the reservoir’s reliability and the municipality’s management of its infrastructure.

The DA has since discovered that there is no backup pump to prevent prolonged water outages.

The municipality’s failure to install a backup pump has proven detrimental to the community. 

There is growing frustration and a lack of confidence in the municipality’s ability to ensure a consistent water supply. It is crucial to address these concerns promptly and transparently.

In our letter to the municipality, we call on the municipality to do an in-depth investigation into the reservoir’s infrastructure and recent breakdowns.

Residents should also be provided with a detailed report on why the backup pump has not been installed despite previous assurances.

The DA will not relent until the municipality ensures that there is regular maintenance of the reservoir area, including mowing the grass and repairing the pump house roof. 

We urge the ANC administration to develop a contingency plan that will address water supply interruptions.