ANC in Steve Tshwete deploys unruly tactics to maintain power

Issued by Palesa Mabango – DA Whip Steve Tshwete Local Municipality
17 May 2024 in Press Releases

The DA in Steve Tshwete is taken aback by the ANC’s violent and mischievous conduct in council.

Today, the ANC disrupted a council meeting where a motion of no confidence against the municipality’s executive mayor, Petros Masilela was supposed to be heard.

Notably, on Monday, a similar incident occurred as the ANC caucus disrupted the meeting. No item on the agenda was deliberated and the speaker deferred the meeting.

It is disturbing to note how the ANC has displayed arrogance and sense of entitlement in Steve Tshwete while they obtained 36% in the local government elections 2021.

This is an indication that the people of Steve Tshwete have rejected the ANC as they failed dismally to obtain an outright majority. They declined from 55% to a mere 36%. Therefore, violently disrupting council meetings and threatening the speaker of the house is uncalled for.

Videos from today’s council meeting show the ANC caucus attacking the speaker and preventing him from carrying out his duties. The DA hope the speaker will lay criminal charges against this thuggery behavior of ANC councillors for assault.

On a number of occasions ANC councillors have shown blatant disregard for council rules. It is unacceptable for the ANC to behave in such an unruly manner while the Systems Act indicates that council members should adhere to the Code of Conduct for councillors.

The DA will not sit back and watch this town descent into anarchy. Lawlessness and malicious conduct will not be tolerated in council. We will not allow anarchy to take over under our watch. Thus, we will ensure that a Special Sitting will be recalled to attend to the motion of no confidence.

The DA is consulting with its legal team to ensure law and order is restored in Steve Tshwete. In this democratic dispensation, we can’t have a political party that forcefully hangs onto power by hook or crook while it only obtained 36% at the polls. All political parties represented in the Steve Tshwete Council must reject the ANC’s violent tactics in order to bring order and stability in the council.

With this in mind, our member of Rules and Ethics, Elsie Vermoteen will be lodging an official complaint against the ANC caucus to the Section 79 Committee.