Incomplete development projects hamper Mpumalanga employment rate

Issued by Trudie Grovè-Morgan – Deputy Leader of the DA in Mpumalanga Province
19 Apr 2024 in Press Releases

The Mpumalanga Government could easily reach their target of 6% annual employment growth rate if they complete all their projects such as the Mpumalanga International Fresh Produce Market (MIFPM).

The provincial government had initially set itself a target of creating approximately 800 000 jobs between 2021 and 2030. Even Premier Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane tasked government departments and municipalities to create at-least 99 000 jobs per annum to reach and exceed their set target of 800 000 which equates to an annual average employment growth of more than 6% per annum up to 2030. But in the previous financial year the departments and municipalities only managed to create a mere 26 699 (26.96% of the target). Currently the province is standing at 48.1% expanded unemployment rate, and still rising.

On Friday (19 April 2024), the DA gathered at the premises of the MIFPM in Mbombela to protest and highlight the failed promises of creating jobs by the current Mpumalanga provincial government and Premier Mtsweni-Tsipane. Surprisingly, our Deputy Leader and MPL Trudie Grove Morgan was denied access into the premises. 

The MIFPM completion date has come and went without a word from the provincial government as to why this project is still incomplete. This MIFPM project was originally a five-year project which was to boost the economy and create jobs. But year in and year out the government uses this project as a carrot to lure Mpumalanga residents into believing that many job opportunities are just around the corner. However, this project has stretched over 11 years with no end in sight.

In her response to the DA’s motion in the Mpumalanga Legislature, MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Nompumelelo Hlophe, stated that the MIFPM will be completed and handed over on 30 March 2024, but this date has also come and gone. Year in and year out Premier Mtsweni-Tsipane continuously promised the people of Mpumalanga that this project would bring jobs as well as many opportunities for emerging farmers, but still, this is not happening.

Had the Mpumalanga government completed the MIFPM as well as the other incomplete projects across the province like the Agri-Hubs, hospitals, and schools, they would have grown the employment rate by more than the 6% target, however, the province finds itself at an expanded unemployment rate of 48.1%.

Only the DA has practical solutions and plans to Rescue South Africa from unemployment and poverty. We have a realistic plan in place as outlined in our manifesto. We will bring this very high unemployment rate down by creating two million new jobs across the country.

In addition, the DA will also introduce the Youth Employment Opportunity Certificate which will empower young people. This will give them a better chance to find employment in this country that needs economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

The DA can rescue South Africans from unemployment and change the dismal picture we currently see. We will build a capable state that implements plans and solutions meant to benefit all South Africans. However, this can only be achieved if every eligible voter goes out to vote for the DA on the 29th of May 2024.