RDP houses wrongfully awarded in Mkhondo

Issued by Jabu Methula – DA Councillor Mkhondo Local Municipality
05 Sep 2023 in Press Releases

The DA in Mkhondo calls on the Department of CoGTA to conduct an investigation into Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) houses that were wrongfully allocated in Mangosuthu. 

The houses were built in the 2010/11 financial year. These low-cost houses are part of the government’s socio-economic policy specifically for citizens with a combined income of R3500 or less. 

We have established that more than fifteen of these RDP houses were given to the wrong people. It has since emerged that some of these people did not meet the qualifying criteria. 

In some of these households, the utility bill statements do not match with the details of the individuals occupying the house. 

During an oversight, we spoke to some residents who expressed their concerns and  dissatisfaction with the Department of Human Settlements. The residents stated that the government has stripped them of their dignity.  

One would expect RDP houses to improve the livelihood of citizens. However, in Mkhondo, this has been an unpleasant experience for the elderly occupying these houses. A decade has gone by and they are still without title deeds. 

Despite several complaints to the municipality and the provincial government, nothing has been done to rectify this conundrum. Meanwhile, the agony and misery continues for some of the residents occupying these houses.  

Corruption traits of the ruling party have impacted negatively on the livelihood of these residents. In 2011, the department of Human Settlements announced that some of their officials were dismissed for allegedly flouting RDP tender rules when this project was rolled out. 

These residents have been in limbo for a long period. The ANC administration must take accountability for their erroneous practices. 

The DA will not relent until the department investigates this matter and it is rectified. The DA remains the only viable solution for residents of Mkhondo.