DA in Thaba Chweu seeks Public Service Commission intervention

Issued by Spiridon Couvaras – DA Councilor in Thaba Chweu Local Municipality
08 Nov 2022 in Press Releases

The DA in Thaba Chweu Local Municipality has written to the Public Service Commission to investigate all officials implicated in the transgression of the Municipal Finance Management Act.

A whistle-blower within the municipality’s top ranks released a report to the oversight committee detailing how senior officials received financial kickbacks after they influenced the awarding of certain tenders.

The municipality has not communicated its stance on the report and no internal investigation has been initiated. Instead, the whistle-blower has been victimised and received death threats. 

The former Municipal Manager, Sphiwe Matsi is said to be at the centre of these tender fiascos. Despite her departure, it is public knowledge that Matsi’s inefficiency has cost the municipality millions in wasteful expenditure. 

Matsi, who was irregularly appointed in 2019 on a five-year contract defied numerous council resolutions which called for her to vacate the position as accounting officer. 

The DA escalated this matter to the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. In a written response to the municipality’s executive, the department concurred with the DA to have her removed.

Again, the Thaba Chweu leadership endorsed ANC cadre deployment and resisted a COGTA resolution at the expense of taxpayers. 

Following her disastrous tenure as the Municipal Manager that solely focused on emptying the municipality’s coffers, the DA believes that Matsi’s ex cadre colleagues who are still occupying senior positions should also be investigated. 

Hawks in Mpumalanga have already started fighting the rot in the municipality’s license department by arresting those implicated in the corruption. 

Residents of this municipality have been denied an accountable government that prioritizes service delivery in a sustainable manner.  

The DA will closely monitor the appointment procedure of a new municipal manager to make sure that the rule of the law is upheld when selecting a suitable candidate.