Standerton water treatment plant on the brink of collapsing

Issued by Cllr Sithi Silosini – DA Councillor in Lekwa Local Municipality
27 Sep 2022 in Press Releases

The DA in Lekwa is concerned with the state of the municipality’s Water Treatment Plant that services over 100 000 households in Standerton.

The DA will table a motion calling on the Municipal Manager, Malose Lamola, to institute the repair of the plant and ensure its employees work in a conducive environment.

It has become evident that the municipality is failing to deal with the water crisis, which can also be attributed to the water plant which is falling apart. Over the past few months, the municipality has been unable to dispatch water trucks to disgruntled communities.

Upon oversight, the DA found broken windows, broken doors, non-functional lights and one generator that is heavily constrained. During load shedding, this very generator is expected to keep water pumps running at the plant and other electrical appliances. With the country being subject to continuous load shedding, it is of importance that the municipality prioritizes the procurement of additional generators.

Workers at the plant have also expressed their unhappiness with the working conditions, stating that their safety is compromised and that they work in fear throughout the evening. They resort to using a torch in the evening as an alternative. It is unacceptable that the municipality is failing to provide employees with lighting during load shedding.

Yet, these employees are expected to carry out their duties. The right to a safe workplace has been trampled on, while ratepayers have also been caught in the crossfire. This is an indication that the municipality does not abide by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997 which gives effect to the right to fair labour practices.

The DA calls on the municipality to ensure that the safety and improved working conditions of these employees are prioritised. The coalition government in Lekwa has exposed residents to poor living conditions for far too long. Besides load shedding, the municipality’s water plant has proven ineffective over the years. However, the municipality has shown reluctance in dealing with this.

In the interest of Lekwa residents, the DA will submit a motion in the next council sitting to make sure that the Municipal Manager urgently attends to this.