ANC supremacy over service delivery

Issued by Irene Brussow – DA Caucus Leader in Mkhondo Local Municipality
07 Mar 2023 in Press Releases

The ANC’s disregard for council resolutions and atrocious governing style has plagued the municipality into further disarray. 

The DA has learnt that COGTA MEC, Mandla Msibi, who was tasked with ensuring that the municipality performs its basic responsibilities and functions is now being dragged to court by the former mayor, Mthokosizi Simelane. 

This comes after the MEC convened an urgent special council meeting that adopted a motion of no confidence against him and the erstwhile speaker, Mduduzi Dlamini. 

With only a few councillors, this motion was passed, and the ANC reclaimed the municipality. Its provincial spokesperson, Ngelosi Ndlovu, was elected as mayor, and Zweli Ngwenya became the speaker.

The legitimacy of this sitting came under scrutiny. The DA views this as a coup and irresponsible decision making. 

Amongst other factors, we have established that members of council were not afforded equitable time prior to this sitting, the agenda was not circulated prior and it was not known that there would be a motion of no confidence. 

The ANC concluded their erroneous takeover last week, with the illegal appointment of Daniel Twala as the new Chief Whip. This follows the removal of the former Chief Whip through a vote of no confidence. 

Out of 38 members in the Mkhondo council, Twala only gathered 19 votes, instead of the required 20. However, he was mysteriously appointed. 

As things stand, service delivery remains nonexistent, and our pleas to the MEC to place this municipality under administration have been blatantly ignored. Instead, he chose to satisfy his party headmasters by reinstating ANC cadres to run the municipality. 

It has become evident that the municipality lacks stability. It is unfortunate that political supremacy has become a dominating factor while residents of Mkhondo are yearning for service delivery. 

Mkhondo Municipality is filled with numerous issues that have gone unattended for far too long. These include, vacant senior positions, creditors debt, revenue collection failure, political assassination, and poor infrastructure. 

The DA remains committed to the people of Mkhondo, we will not be shaken by this unconstitutional, mediocre governing style that residents have been subject to.  

DA councillors in Mkhondo will continue to fight for the needs of the community at the municipal council and raise issues of concern with the relevant bodies in order for change to happen.