Govan Mbeki water crisis is cause for concern

Issued by Desire Erasmus – DA Councilor Govan Mbeki Local Municipality
11 Jan 2023 in Press Releases

The DA in Govan Mbeki is concerned with the municipality’s financial crisis that has affected one of their major creditors, Rand Water.

Residents in some parts of Bethal have been without water for a month, while areas like Ext 3 and 8 have been without water for two weeks.

In some parts of the township residents are only provided with water for a period of two hours a day. The municipality’s deficient infrastructure and load shedding compounds the problem.

Time and again, the municipality has failed to be transparent with the residents of this town. As a result, ratepayers are up in arms, as the municipality’s strategy in dealing with creditors has proven ineffective.

Upon investigation, we have discovered that there is a service agreement between the municipality and Rand Water in place. The utilities company had also agreed not to ration the municipality, while they pay their debt.

According to the agreement, the municipality needs to pay a minimum of R45 million a month but they have only paid R11 million on 9 December 2022.

Officials have also taken the opportunity to blame loadshedding, stating that the pumps do not work when the power is off. Furthermore, they have also indicated that there is a backup generator for the pumps during  load shedding.

It’s important to note that maladministration in this municipality has significantly contributed to the water crisis. With five water reservoirs spread across Bethal, none of them are functioning at 100%. It’s even more concerning to learn that some of these reservoirs are no longer operational. 

As the opposition party in Govan Mbeki, we work tirelessly to ensure that the municipality delivers quality services.  

Through constant communication with the municipality’s executive, we have offered lasting solutions to some of Govan Mbeki’s challenges. However, our efforts have been met with the utmost rejection. 

Nonetheless, our commitment to serving the people and taking this municipality to greater heights remains unshaken. 

Residents of this town have been deprived of sufficient water which is their constitutional right. The DA will urgently seek intervention from the South African Human Rights Commission.